What Detox Shampoo is Best for Passing a Hair Drug Test

The market is crowded with formulas and solutions all claiming to be the best in everything. You’ll see 3 in 1, 5 in 1 pack saying they’ll regenerate your hair, clean it from toxins, and maybe even do some magical stuff that will make rainbows over your head.

The truth is – there’s a lot of lies and even more marketing in those products. When it comes to detox products particularly, be sure that nothing is different. Lots of products claiming they’ll help and get you out of trouble. Once they get the money, you fail, and you’re blamed that you didn’t wash with it properly. This is just another way to say – we lied. Here’s an interesting article about how to know if you’re facing lies on the internet.

So which one is actually best?

Some of the most popular detox shampoos at the moment are Clear Choice, Zydot Ultra Clean, and TestClear Aloe Rid. There’s a significant difference between these, so we’ll go over them one by one.

Clear Choice

This is a brand that’s famous in helping people pass all kinds of different drug tests. These guys are really devoted to what they do. In the line of products, they also have a detox shampoo claiming to mask the presence of drugs in the follicle for 8 hours.

However, we’d not recommend leaning on this claim. We found out that chances are slim to actually pass by just washing once with this shampoo before the test as the instructions say. It’s best if you make a combination and use it as a formula together with other products that are needed for the macujo method.

Zydot Ultra Clean

Comes at the same price as the previous product and has a great reputation. However, what we said about the first one goes for the second. It’s not sure that you’ll pass just by using this once.

It’s best if you use it in a combination with other products because this makes it more certain that you’ll have good results. The kit contains more than just the shampoo – there are a conditioner and a purifier and you need to use all of them for achieving maximum efficiency.

TestClear Aloe Rid

You can try drug detoxification hair shampoo when you need to pass a hair test of any kind, but eventually, you’ll end up with this one! Aloe Rid is ultimately the best choice there is. Anyone that tried it and followed the instructions passed.

Sure, it comes for a much higher price, but this is actually the best proof it works. Even though the company has set a price that’s sometimes even 20 times higher than the competition they still sell more than anyone else.

TestClear works with a certified method for years. It provides negative results for drug users for a long time and anyone knows that. The only thing that bothers people using it is that they have to spend a lot of time under the shower every day for 10 days in a row.

How to know if you’ll pass

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t trust others and you have to check for yourself, we have a solution for it too.

It’s called getting your own private follicle test kit. This is also something that’s being sold online. More brands offer it at a different price and with different abilities. Some detect more drugs and some less. When you’re going to purchase some of it, make sure it tests for the drug you’re consuming. If this test shows you’re negative after you made the steps, then you’re good to go on the official work-related examination.

We have already tried this, and we realized that the only formula that works at all times is the Aloe Rid. All others had a flaw and did not manage to secure a pass 10 out of 10. They were only effective if they were mixed with other products. You can find instructions about using these kits here: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325013.php#home-test


Based on our reviews and experience, we declare Aloe Rid as the ultimate winner. It’s the best solution for detoxifying your hair and making it negative on the follicle test. Don’t waste your money on anything else just because it’s more affordable. There’s a reason why it is like this.

A good product always comes at a higher price. This is not anything new on the market. If it is in demand, it’s logical that the manufacturer will ask more for it. Knowing this, you can be sure that this is the only product that works.

And if you’re thinking about faking the test by shaving your head and body, let’s just tell you that this is the first thing we tried. Turns out you won’t even get to the examination room because they’ll know you’re hiding something. We didn’t get the job and we didn’t get tested either.