What Can Home Health Care Service Do for You?

Unknown to many people, home health care offers many kinds of services at home not just for seniors but also to those who sustained injury or illness. In contrary to a lot of people’s notion that it is costly, it is not. Home health care is more affordable than hospital or nursing facility care. It is also convenient and offers the same effectiveness as the latter mentioned. There are many Houston home health agency you can get in touch with for inquiries or assistance if you need to or if you are interested in hiring assistance. However, to convince your loved ones or for you to know better about this service, it is good to know about the different services a home caregiver can give you.

Nursing Services

When people hear about home health care, they think they’re just people. Yes, they are, but they are trained professionals. They have licensed nurses who are certified to help treat your illness or injury. They often offer services seven days a week for 8 hours a day. If 24-hour care is needed, nurses will come in shifts to assist you. Some of the services they can give you include injections and teaching you how to self-inject. It also includes catheter changes and tube feedings as well as evaluation and management of your care plan. They also assess and observe your condition, so your doctor is well-updated.

Therapy Services

Depending on your needs, special therapy services may also be included. Some of the common ones are speech, physical and occupational therapy services. Speech-language pathology services involve different exercises to regain speech and language skills and for some to strengthen speech itself. On the other hand, physical therapy includes gait supervision as well as training and other exercises to regain strength and movement in a particular part of the body. Occupational therapy helps you recover your ability to perform usual and daily activities on your own. These include simple actions like putting on clothes, eating and restroom activities.

Health Assistance

Home health assistance also offers other services in addition to the skilled services they have. Home health assistant can also help you in taking showers and baths. She can also assist in dressing and toileting. The good thing about this is, they help you regain doing everyday things on your own. You are also free to do things you can and ask for assistance if needed.

Social Services

One of the best things about having someone is the company they offer. When loved ones are away at work, you have someone to talk. She could help you with your emotional and social concerns relating to your injury or illness. She can offer you counseling or relay your concerns to a professional who can help you.

Medical Supplies

An assistant will make sure that your medical supplies are always full. She makes sure that you have your medicine and you take them on time. If there are additional things you need, you don’t have to struggle to get them. She is there, ready to aid you with anything.