The Potato Medicine

This is a short (a large part of the story) form of story number 25 (out of 50) from my book, My Walk with the Lord.

II Kings 20.7 “And Isaiah said, Take a chunk of figs. Furthermore they took and laid it on the bubble, and he recouped.”

In late October, I was grabbing pecans. It was an excellent fall day, and I appreciated being outside. Late at night, I was grabbing pecans under the moneymaker tree, close to my old spring arrangement spot. In late January or early February, I typically plant new red Irish potatoes. My family constantly reveled in them, particularly Eva, my most youthful girl. That past April, I had assembled a guard product of them yet now they were simply a memory. I looked over the furrowed ground and saw some green shoots around eight inches high. I went to check and found four slopes of new potatoes. This time of the year, I didn’t hope to see such a sight – I had not planted them – they had volunteered.


The LORD addresses me and said, “Uncover them and place them in a basin under the outbuilding.” I quit gathering pecans to do this little task. When I completed, I had a half quart of golf ball estimated new potatoes. At nightfall, I had assembled very nearly 300 pounds of pecans and was generally satisfied. The LORD had favored me physically, profoundly, and rationally that day. I thought no a greater amount of the potatoes.

When I touched base over to the flat in Blackshear where we were existing, I consumed something and sat down to rest. My girl, Eva, rolled in from work and I could tell something wasn’t right with her. I said, “What’s wrong Beaver is my moniker for her. Eva answered, “Daddy, I’ve got awful stomach spasms and the main thing I am desiring is some of those minimal bubbled potatoes.” A grin went to my lips as I said, “Eva, the LORD has become something exceptional for you to meet your need this very hour.”

I drove over to the nation, went under the animal dwelling place, grabbed the new potatoes, got back, and cooked them for her. When she completed the process of consuming, she said, “Acclaim God, my stomach issues are gone and I feel so much better.” I answered, “Perceive the extent to which JESUS thinks about you. You are unique to Him.”