Important Questions

Under the Affordable Care Act not everyone will be provided dental insurance. Dental insurance can be expensive for someone or a family who is only looking for two cleanings per year. Do you have a program that allows someone to pay a set fee that would provide them with one to three cleaning visits a year? This would help people who do not have dental insurance continue with their cleaning schedule. By enrolling in this program do you receive any discounts on additional dental services required? Would be the incentives to enroll in a program like this rather than pay out of pocket at each cleaning visit? Is there any type of enrollment discount if a couple or family where to sign up for this program? If the cost for this is more than I can afford is there a payment plan?


A big health issue on social media is the long term effects of fluoride. What are the reasons why fluoride was introduced in the public water supply, toothpaste, and dental cleaning visit? Is this a treatment that is still needed in your opinion? Scheduled cleanings appear to be more common than they were decades ago so why is this treatment needed? What is your professional recommendation on the issue? Are there any long term health effects that you are aware of? Is the fluoride treatment during the cleaning something that you do to children or is there a certain age before this starts?

In your professional opinion is there an alternative to using x-rays on your patients every year regardless of dental health changes? Are advancements in digital cameras becoming good enough where you can take pictures inside a patients mouth to see what is needed during a cleaning? What are your thoughts on giving patients x-rays to look for cavities on patients who are experiencing zero pain, clean teeth with no signs of gingivitis, and had their wisdom teeth removed? What is the argument against only using x-rays when the patient is experiencing pain? Would you see a patient who preferred to not be given x-rays?

Do you provide cleaning services, and dental work for children? What precautions do you take to ensure they experience little to know pain? This is important because if they have a bad experience early they may become afraid of future visits. What type advice would you have for a new parent as far as when to start teaching your child how to brush their teeth or tooth? What kind of toothpaste should you use on children? Does juices with artificial sweeteners cause more problems that natural drinks? Do you provide emergency services during office hours, or after office hours? If you do not provide dental services for children who would you recommend, and why?

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